Environmental policy

The operation of the airport has an impact on the environment. Bern Airport thus bears a high responsibility to keep the impact on nature and the environment as low as possible and within the legal regulations. It is committed to achieving a balance between economic, ecological and social demands and is convinced that sustainable, environmentally conscious corporate management is of great importance for the success of Bern Airport. 

Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP)

The Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP) is the federal government's planning and coordination instrument for civil aviation. It sets out the purpose, required perimeter, main aspects of use, equipment and general operating conditions for every aerodrome. The SAIP forms the basis for the planning, construction and operation of an aerodrome, in particular for concessions and operating regulations. The object sheet for Bern Airport defines the long-term framework for operations and infrastructure.

The SAIP is divided into a concept and an object section. The conceptual part regulates general requirements and objectives with regard to the infrastructure of Swiss civil aviation. In the object part, the specifications from the concept part are specified for the individual aerodromes. In the individual object sheets, the purpose, the area used, the main features of the use, the development and the framework conditions for operation are defined for each aerodrome. In addition, the effects on space and the environment are shown.

Further information can be obtained from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP).