General information

Experiencing Bern Airport at close quarters

Get a look behind the scenes of the airport on a guided tour on foot. In one hour and a half you can learn more about the airport life and discover all the work in the background that allows for a smooth air traffic operation. Whenever possible, we give you an insight into the different aviation divisions, such as regular and charter flights, business jets, airport rescue and firefighting services, maintenance organizations, General Aviation, REGA, etc. Tours of the tower are not possible.

Aperitif after the airport tour

Enjoy an aperitif (surcharge) and the airport atmosphere after the tour and follow the take-off and landing at close range, possibly combined with a helicopter sightseeing flight.

Please note!

Visitors are asked not to carry dangerous items, such as knives, pocketknives, scissors, etc. 

For safety reasons we require a complete list of names prior to the tour. You can submit the list online.

Additional information:

  • The duration of the airport tour is 1.5 hours.

  • Airport tours are possible every day except on Sunday.

  • The registration deadline is 3 weeks.

  • The cost of an airport tour is 150 CHF for up to 15 people, or 300 CHF for up to 30 people. School classes pay the special price of 120 CHF per 15 people.


List of participants