Camille Bloch, Courtelary

75 min.
from Bern Airport

This local chocolate factory is in Courtelary, in the picturesque valley of Saint-Imier. On request, you can go on a free tour of the chocolate factory, including samples. Lasts 1.5 hrs.

Chocolatiers Villars, Fribourg

47 min.
from Bern Airport

One of the last surviving handmade chocolate factories in Switzerland. Take a coffee break with a taste of Kirsch-scented cherries dipped in chocolate or banana-filled chocolates in the café of the historic Chocolat Villars factory for a glimpse of old chocolate traditions and a chance to buy Villars products.

Emmental Show Dairy, Affoltern i.E.

43 min.
from Bern Airport

The little cheese village is a blend of the past and the present. You'll experience both traditional and modern production techniques for the world-famous Emmental AOC. This package includes Audioguide tour, Cheese dish at the restaurant, Making fresh cheese yourself, cheese tasting and Taking out of the "Eidgenosse" (cheese) with live comment.

Fischerei Park, Worben

40 min.
from Bern Airport

The Fischerei Park in Worben has two large fishing ponds, a lily pond and a restaurant where the freshly-caught fish is prepared. Guests may catch their own fish (rainbow trout or salmon trout) and then enjoy eating their catch at the restaurant.

James Bond Brunch, Schilthorn

59 min.
from Bern Airport

The world’s first revolving restaurant offers spectacular views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.The interactive Bond World transports you into the world of the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Follow in James Bond’s footsteps as you relive scenes from the film with George Lazenby.

Validity: this offer is valid throughout the year

Kambly roundtrip, Trubschachen

41 min.
from Bern Airport

Discover the secrets of traditional Emmental pastry-making. A multimedia show guides you through Kambly’s history from the time of young Oskar Kambly I until the present. Sample to your heart’s content over 100 types of Guetzli in the factory shop or watch the confectioners at work.

Maison Callier, Broc

63 min.
from Bern Airport

At the Maison Cailler, all your senses can be immersed in the wonderful world of Cailler chocolate.

Maison du Gruyére, Pringy-Gruyères

60 min.
from Bern Airport

Barely one hour from Bern, all the secrets associated with the manufacture of Gruyère AOP can be discovered.

Tropenhaus, Frutigen

39 min.
from Bern Airport

The Tropenhaus Frutigen combines exotic flora with science. Visit the very own sturgeon farm as part of a guided tour. For a unique gastronomic and culinary experience, head for the restaurant: Besides caviar the menu also features regional produce, all of which are served together with tropical fruits and fish from our own production. The exciting combination of ingredients is nothing short of astonishing.

Wine cruise, Lake Biel & Murten

30 min.
from Bern Airport

Spend two unforgettable days discovering Lake Biel and Lake Murten. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and taste te subtle wines coming from these regions.

Approximate travel time by car.