Bern Airport offers competitive fares and a personal service with the highest possible attention to every single handling. To keep the business simple, we have split off our fares in two components: a highly competitive all inclusive handling package and the normal airport related landing fees.

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De-icing fees winter 2017/18

ADF Typ I p.Lt. (CLARIANT Safewings MP II) CHF 4.90
ADF Typ II p.Lt. (CLARIANT Safewings MP II) CHF 5.00
High Pressure Airfirst incl. 5 minutes CHF 125.00
High Pressure Airfirst additional minutes
or part there of per minute
CHF 20.00
Waste disposal p.Lt. CHF 0.60

Delivery charge (flat fee) per delivery

< 2 tonnes MTOM CHF 63.00
> 2 tonnes MTOM CHF 157.00
> 5.7 tonnes MTOM CHF 210.00
> 10 tonnes MTOM CHF 263.00
> 24 tonnes MTOM CHF 315.00
> 45 tonnes MTOM CHF   420.00

as from 01NOV12. All fees excluding V.A.T.